Fintech Day

Wednesday, October 2, 2024, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, London

The largest event in the UK where Legal meets Fintech.

Focused specifically on the experience of in-house legal – whether you’re a fintech, bank, financial institution, or investor. Crafty Counsel’s Fintech Day is where the sector gathers for the most relevant conversations.

Please note: This is event is for in-house legal professionals and Crafty Counsel partners only. We will be reviewing registrations to ensure you meet this criteria.

Pricing information

Ticket tier


Early bird (19/06/2024 - 23/07/2024)

£50 + VAT

General admission (24/07/2024 - 23/09/2024)

£75 + VAT

Last chance (24/09/2024 - 02/10/2024)

£100 + VAT